Ravel Antunes

Ravel Antunes is a Senior Technical Architect at the Emerging Technologies at Disney, specialized in Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud, mobile platforms and IoT. He is also co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of HotSwitch, Inc. He has provided his expertise to a wide scope of businesses, from major corporations like Disney, AAA, Seagate, and BestBuy, to tech start-ups and small-scale companies like HotSwitch, Abe.ai, Riptide Software, GotChosen, Golden Gate America, Artistech Software, and more. An entrepreneurial spirit, Ravel is always strategizing, researching, and experimenting. His hobbies include Indian cooking, soccer, and playing guitar with his rock-n-roll cover band, The Meddlers.

Originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil, he now lives in Orlando, Florida.


For inquiries about software solutions and services, contact Ravel through twitter or RavelAntunes[at]gmail.com