Send To Glass on iOS

I’m mostly an iPhone user. Since I got my Google Glass, the Glass app for iOS has been working fine. Once in a while I have some connectivity issues, but for most of the time it’s not a big deal.

In my opinion, the problem with the iOS app is that it is missing a lot of functionality. For example, there is no way for me to browse maps in Google Glass, you can only ask “ok, glass, get me directions to…”, and you need to hope it will understand it right. If you are trying to get directions to a complicated address, that might be an issue. Another thing that I wish it had was a way to browse YouTube videos, and send it to Glass for viewing.

So I took a day this the weekend to develop a little utility app to help me with those extra functionalities. I created an iOS app that interacts with the Mirror API. I kept it really simple: it’s just a couple text fields and buttons. One option for YouTube link, another for an address. I can browse on my iPhone, and when I want to watch something on YouTube, I can click “Send to Glass”, and keep watching it on my Google Glass. Same with the directions field, I simply type any address, and get the directions right on my Glass a couple seconds after. It came out pretty handy when I also didn’t want to be talking out loud with my Glass in public.

I decided to put it in the App Store, I called it “Send to Glass.” You can download it here.

While developing, I noticed that Google didn’t release an Objective-C library to communicate with their Mirror API, like they did for Java, Ruby, and some other languages. Although you can still do it through REST, when developing “Send to Glass” I ended up abstracting all calls and objects in a Objective-C library, and put it on github. It might be handy for future iOS projects that interact with the Mirror API.